Saturday, December 18, 2010

"The Wrath Of Jane"

It seems like just yesterday that Survivor Nicaragua began. Some very interesting players were brought into our homes each week along with drama, laughter, and some downright incredible behavior. It has yet again been a delightful season to watch and I am sad that one more chapter in Survivor history will soon be complete. Today is the eve of the finale, and I have to say I am happy with the final 5 standing, even though a few of them would be disappointing winners for me.

It goes without saying that I am rooting for Holly to win. A dream came true for me this season. I may have met Rupert a few years ago, but that is as far as that went. Holly, however, has become a personal friend of mine. I can call or text her anytime I want to. Heck, I can even invite her over for coffee if I feel like it. Out of the hundreds of people who have played this game, I couldn't have asked for a better Survivor friend. And no matter what she wins, even if it's nothing, I will still be honored to call her my friend long after this is over.

This latest episode was the family episode. It was so touching it brought me to tears. Charlie looked amazing on television! He, like his wife, is a wonderful person to know in real life. He is friendly and funny. I wish all of them could've spent more time with their loved ones.

Jane is quite the spitfire! She was livid upon finding out she was being voted out by those who had promised to take her to the final. Others may not agree, but I absolutely loved her putting the fire out. Go out with a bang, I say.

Tribal Council was, well, Tribal Council. Jane definitely spoke her mind. She basically called my friend a thief for taking Dan's shoes at the beginning of the season. But the part about Tribal that really blew my mind is that Jeff basically told them how they should vote, but yet Dan, Jane and Fabio didn't do it! Now remember, I want Holly to win and was relieved they didn't vote her out, but honestly what Jeff said made sense. He told them how to vote and they didn't. I guess neither of those three really want to win that badly after all.

I loved the photos taken at the reward. Holly, Chase and Sash obviously had a good time with it!

The finale is tomorrow night. I can hardly wait!

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  1. Holly is wonderful isn't she??? I too can talk to her about anything and she will take the time to listen and be there for you. I have so much love and genuine respect for her and u cannot ask for a better friend. I am hoping she wins and that she wins Fan Favorite!!! Charlie and Holly were wonderful together as was Fabio and his mom too! Dangit I almost had a fit with Jeff...just host okay goldarnit lol I am not sorry to see Jane go tho and was not a fan really. She had some funny moments though. GOOOO HOLLY and FABIO!!!!! Loved the blog Julie!!!