Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"There is nothing left for me to suck"

It seems like an eternity since my last blog, but I didn't do one last week for the simple fact it was the recap episode and therefore I would've been writing about things I have already written about in previous posts. I still enjoyed it, though. It's always nice to see the never-before-seen scenes.

I enjoyed the most recent episode of Survivor, as usual. It was packed with excitement, some good and some not-so-good. But I really feel that my friend Holly is hands down winning fan favorite vote this season. That woman has a beautiful and caring heart and it definitely showed on air.

My two favorite moments of this episode were seeing Dan sitting in the oversized chair, swinging his legs like a four year old, and Purple Kelly's quote that will be forever remembered: "There is nothing left for me to suck."

Just like the rest of you, I can't stand quitters in the game of Survivor. I feel if you can't handle the heat then stay out of the kitchen. And I know without a doubt that I would be the first one myself to cry and bitch about the cold and lack of sleep, etc. I am a huge baby and I know it and that is why I would never even bother applying for the show in the first place. These two girls quit with only 11 days remaining and that is unacceptable. There should be some sort of penalty for them.

My feelings about NaOnka have changed after watching the crap she pulled last week. I no longer like her as much as I did. She had already said she wanted to quit but yet it was okay for her to still participate in the reward?! That disgusted me. She has a grinch-sized heart.

Last Wednesday was also the first time I had the honor of attending a Survivor viewing party, thanks to my friend Holly. I had a really amazing time! I took a friend of mine with me, and although she is not the die-hard fan that I am, I think she still had a good time. Holly texted me and said we could meet her at the hair salon so we did. We walked in and said hello to her, then went and sat down and visited with Holly's mother and also a dear friend of her's, and of course Mr. Holly Hoffman. We then headed to Dublin Square where the party was held. It was a good turnout, and I had the honor of sitting at the same table as Holly, front row! When she made the comment on the show about wanting a hotdog, someone had a few brought to her! I didn't get much Holly time because she was busy with all of her admirers, but we did chat a little bit and we did get a few photos, one of which is my new Facebook photo. She also told me that when she comes back to Rapid City in January to help her son move that she and I will have a girl day at the spa. I am really looking forward to that!

Only a few more episodes to go until the big finale! It will be a great finish, I am sure!


  1. Great blog Julie and I am so thrilled u got to attend the viewing party and what an episode to watch with Holly! Like u I am very disappointed with Nay. I don't necessarily hate her but just feel let down with her's and Kelly's choices. I think Kelly would not have quit but Nay talked her into it. Still I feel if u choose to quit then u should not be allowed to sit on a jury to determine the fate of others that didn't quit. Holly and her selfless gesture was a cool part of the episode for me. Plus I am ready to see what happens next!

  2. I didn't like NaOnka from the beginning. She just rubbed me the wrong way. But QUITTING? She is insane. I am so glad that Holly & you have met, that is too cool. I really want her to win fan favorite! She is my second favorite only to Rupert! I loved his tyedye shirts and how much he has done for his community!!