Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Dumb and dumber"

Interestingly enough, I love and admire every person who has ever been on Survivor. Every single one of them. I have watched them week after week on my favorite TV show. There are some who irritate me, some who make me yawn, and others who are amazing in my eyes and can do no wrong. But this is just what we see on television. And I am sure that what we see on TV is different than the real person in everyday life. This brings me to my discussion of Marty. Anytime I see him on Survivor, he grates on my nerves in a huge way. I don't know why, but I don't want to look at him or listen to him speak. I, for one, am glad he was voted out. But even though he irritates me on the show, I truly believe he is an amazing man in his everyday life. Would I hang out and have a beer with him? Absolutely. And how about NaOnka? She is quite the pistol! She fascinates me with her ghetto ways. But I bet she is a beautiful woman when not on television.

As always, I enjoyed the reward challenge. It was a fun one! It was an obstacle course of different activities, such as breaking through a wall of bricks. Oddly, it ended up being men against women. The ladies gave it their all but the men ended up winning.

The reward that the men were able to enjoy was zip-lining through Nicaragua. It was fun to watch them enjoying themselves. I had my fingers crossed for Dan, though. I didn't want to see the poor man fall or get mud on himself.

I was pleased with the immunity memory challenge. I know I couldn't've gotten half of those right.

Now, is it just me or is there alot of people in awe of the fact that the people this season are disgusted when someone lies? Why is this such a big deal to some people? Survivor is a television competition show. The prize is one million dollars! You may have to put up with annoying people and lies. These people are doing what they have to do for that money. I could never understand why people would complain so much about JT being annoying. "We just can't deal with an annoying person. Why is this journey towards a million dollars not easy?" Put on your big boy/girl pants and deal with the lying and irritating people.

My favorite quote of the episode came from Fabio: "It's so easy playing stupid." Playing?!

What the hell was with Marty's walk after voting at Tribal Council???? Was that his cocky "I'm not being voted out" walk? Epic fail!

The previews for next week are intriguing. Everyone seems to be looking down at the ground in horror. A friend of mine told me he thinks it is Dan, who finally kicked the bucket. I am going with that.


  1. haha. well as great as it would have been to see Dan kick the bucket (not because he's dan but because that woulda been an awesome moment on reality tv) they showed another preview clip and it was a fire

  2. I was watching a preview last night about a fire. I wonder who started it....